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Friend or Foe of Yellow

I believe that the color yellow is the most controversial of all the colors. The color that can either mean happiness or bad luck. Yellow is associated with the sun, fresh flowers and summertime. It reminds people of vacation season, swimming, adventures and just feeling alive. Yet some people hate it, think it’s a color of bad luck, it’s “too bright” or the sun makes it miserably hot outside.

Personally, I’m team Switzerland; I neither love nor hate the color, but it does remind me of sadness, uncertainty, unbearable loneliness. You see, the color yellow and I, we go back years together. It reminds me of where I came from and who I am, but it also forces me to remember every single traumatic detail of how much hurt a human being can possibly bear.

The big, yellow walls were splitting and cracking from trying to hold in so much deceit, and way too many lies to count. From the outside, you’d see love, loyalty, and wholesomeness. On the inside, it was a different story. Inside, there was a whole new set of rules, and God forbid if you ever fucked up. One day, I hope to never see the yellow again, but if I do, I hope it’s in the happiest of memories.


I DID NOT edit before posting. My reason being is, I have been out of the hobby of writing for quite some time. I used to spend hours and hours writing all kinds of different short stories and all kinds of descriptive things that I was so proud of. I am slowly getting back into it now that I can focus my thoughts better than I have been able to for quite awhile, honestly.

Anyway, I’m taking baby steps back into it, and just started out with what was on my mind, kind of just going with it. After I am a little more comfortable and confident, my goal is to post a variety of topics, longer blog posts and of course, researching when needed. Right now, we are starting off with fun 🙂

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